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Sea Salt CBD

Fark trying to find good fish and chips in the city is like trying to find a cure for meningitis what ever the fark that is….

But seriously every now and then I just want good old fashion Greek take away shop fish and chips…. Not some fancy smanchy bullshit $25 burger and hand cut chips in aoloi crap…. We’re talking meat with the lot and crinkle cut chips under $10…

Grilled $13.00 a burger I could feed a family of 5 at my local… (1 adult 4 cats)

This place is good go there with ya mate pig out like Matty J good man….

8.2/10 Dim sims

Advice: Yummo fresh and tasty….

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About farkthatsnotbad

I love food of all cultures.. It's all about the food so my reviews won't be biased towards price, decor or atmosphere..

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