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Spicy Fish

So Friday night work drinks an people are feeling quite famished, so it was decided that China Town was the place to grab a bite to eat. Since the group contained no Asian people we were all confused about which establishment we should dine at on this glorious evening. 

Naturally no one wanted to step up an suggest somewhere to go as they were to scared of the retribution and backlash of picking a bad restaurant. As a born leader I made a suggestion that Spicy Fish is normally a good eatery. My gamble paid off as the food was delicious and I had gained the respect of my fellow work mates..

Everything was glistening with cornstarch, the balance and salt, sugar was prefect and chilli was enough but wasn’t too much. . 

8/10 Boiled Potatoes        Advice: The prefect place for a drunken Friday food binge with work colleagues..

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I love food of all cultures.. It's all about the food so my reviews won't be biased towards price, decor or atmosphere..

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