Sea Salt CBD

Fark trying to find good fish and chips in the city is like trying to find a cure for meningitis what ever the fark that is….

But seriously every now and then I just want good old fashion Greek take away shop fish and chips…. Not some fancy smanchy bullshit $25 burger and hand cut chips in aoloi crap…. We’re talking meat with the lot and crinkle cut chips under $10…

Grilled $13.00 a burger I could feed a family of 5 at my local… (1 adult 4 cats)

This place is good go there with ya mate pig out like Matty J good man….

8.2/10 Dim sims

Advice: Yummo fresh and tasty….

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Cafe Greco greek Restaurant

I can’t remember what time exactly the explosive diarrhoea started but it was after I got home….

Seafood badly prepare… tick…

Regretting I didn’t do this..

Go to your local pub have a bevo and punt on the dogs get a chicken parma and pot.

1.5/10 Pitas Advice: Don’t do it no no no…..

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HuTong Dumpling Bar

Yeah yeah it’s pretty farking good. Probably the best dumplings in town (probably).

Can’t say much more then that.
You have to try it at least once I did and now I’m farking flying so you should too, do it, you know you want too… Steak knifes.

8.5/10 Dumplings Advice: Good but expensive for meat wrapped in rice flour pastry stuff (skin)…

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Burmese House – Richmond

Burmy isn’t not my fav Asian food but it’s ok, I wouldn’t take my mum here she can’t handle Asian food that isn’t the norm corner shop Chinese variety god bless her. But yeah it was ok pretty hard to find you would easily drive past it. Good for a boys night out a few beers and something spicy.

6.8/10 Boiled Potatoes Advice: Not bad…

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Conservatory – Crown

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Holy shiiiet I ate like it was my last meal. Almost ruptured my left kidney.. MMMMMM kidney.


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It’s was a magical feast fit for a king. I even sneaked out for a cheeky gamble at Crown.

Look if you’re skinny don’t go because it’s pricey an less you can pack it in like me or someone else is paying…

I went here for a wedding so I wasn’t paying winning.

8.7/10 Boiled Potatoes        Advice: Probably the best buffet in Melbourne.  Take a girl on a first date here and pay she will be yours for forever.

Oriental Seafood Restaurant – Preston

I like the food here. Feels like you’re at Nana’s house with the Officeworks décor but hey nan’s all right so cheer the fark up. Seriously go here get some pork in to ya. Their beer list is pretty decent has 5 beers to choose. VB is $5 winning. Owner gave me a 50cent discount so pretty good in my books.


7.6/10 Boiled Potatoes        

Advice: Very Good, MSG heaven don’t tell mum.

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Food Star – Reservoir

One word Diabetes. Went here for a dodgy uncles birthday. The food feels like you’re at 7 year olds birthday party. An some
old lady stole the last pecan pie thingy from the dessert stand I was devo.

2.3/10 Boiled Potatoes Advice: If you’re overweight Russian Cousin comes to town take him here.

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Dumplings Plus

One of the many cheapish dumpling type shops in the CBD but I rate it pretty highly.

I go here a lot for luncheo dumplings in chilli oil it is 10/10.

Service is good. The house Chinese beer tastes like ass and gutter water but it’s cheap so I will keep drinking it.

Took my mum here she was impressed.

9.666/10 Boiled Potatoes Advice: Great go today for lunch.

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Maccaroni Trattoria Italiana

Personally overrated but still ok. I’m yet to eat a pasta dish from here that makes me happy. I think 3/4 dishes on the table had the same tomato sauce base which is cheating. Could be so much more with a bit more love. 

6.79/10 Boiled Potatoes        Advice: Not bad, no nonna’s in the kitchen




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